UNC Cadence A Cappella

Been on the lookout for UNC’s sassiest a cappella group? You’ve come to the right place.  UNC Cadence is a group of 16 diverse young people who are passionate about singing and making a difference.  Throughout the year, you’ll find us performing at campus concerts and a number of community events. Get connected now!

Check out our music video”Lady Marmalade

Thank you to Triad Studio and our own alumni, Giovanna Torrieri, for filming and editing our video! Check out our talented soloists, Amanda Pahl, Giovanna Torrieri, and Amy Brubaker with Isabel Hewgley on vocal percussion! We had so much fun filming this at La Residence and other locations around Chapel Hill. The original artist is Patti LaBelle, but this is a cover Moulin Rouge version. Enjoy!


Thanks to our music video producers, Liquid 5th, we’re excited to present you with Cadence’s version of You & I! This arrangement features soloist Rachel Rhodes with Shana Loudermelk on percussion. The original artist is Lady Gaga.

When we look at the world around us, we are often saddened and called to action. In answering that call, we choose to count our many blessings and share them with those around us. So today, we share the blessing of music that heals us and ask for mercy for the times that we would ever forget about it.

We want to thank our music producers, Liquid 5th as well as our videographer, Spencer Zachary. This arrangement of “Have Mercy” was put together by Lauren Atherton, and it features soloist Mackensie Kvalvik. The original artist is Eryn Allen Kane.

Thanks to our music video producers, Liquid 5th, we’re excited to present you with Cadence’s version of Hello…Sorry! This arrangement, put together by Julia Warren, Lauren Burgess, and Susanna Trotter, features soloists Lauren Burgess and Valerie Christine Sauer with Julia Warren on percussion. The original artists are Adele and Justin Bieber, respectively. Read about our impact in the ~College A Cappella News~ here. Thank you to all the wonderful members and producers that contributed to the making of this music video—we appreciate all the hard work you put in to let us express our passion for a cappella!

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