Cadence is Back!

Got Noodles?


Fall Auditions are over, and we have three new NOODLES among our ranks!* We extend a huge congratulations to (left to right) Hanna Elisabeth Watson, Giovanna Torrieri, and Tess Stogner! Welcome to Cadence, ladies! 😍

*What is a Noodle, you ask? Good question. Newly initiated members are designated the “Noodle” position during their first semester in Cadence. The origin stems from a special member of Cadence past, who associated the adorable with the term ‘doodle.’ This all-encompassing word could be seen in context all the time, i.e. “Aw, what a cute dog! He’s such a doodle!” or “Wow, you’re so sweet… you’re the doodliest person I know.” Eventually, auditions came around. The sassy ladies of Cadence needed some new *~*~doodles~*~* to join in our doodliness. Then, new doodles became… drumroll please… NOODLES. Now, seriously, who wouldn’t want to be a Noodle?