Fall 2021 Auditions


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Cadence Audition Update:

The UNC A Cappella community has decided on holding in-person auditions for the Fall 2021 semester! The 2021 Fall UNC A Cappella Audition Form is now live on our link tree, https://linktr.ee/UNC_Cadence where access to other resources is also avaliable!

If you are interested in auditioning for us, all that we ask is you prepare a verse and chorus of a song that best fits your voice, and please bring your personality! Auditions will occur from August 22nd-24th.

Your audition is not only a chance for us to hear you and see how you blend with the rest of the group, but also a way for us to get to know you individually. We pride ourselves on being a group of individuals that are there for one another first, and then, the love of music and performing comes naturally afterwards. 


Callback information will be sent out the night of August 24th and callbacks will occur on August 25th. Auditionees will be informed of whether or not they made it into Cadence the night of August 25th!