May Burgard


AKA: Mayonnaise
Position: Absent (Studying abroad in Florence)
Major: Nursing
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC
Voice Part:  Soprano 2/Alto 1
Superlative: Likely To Hit You With The Finger Guns
Guilty Pleasure: Every Facebook cooking page. I am a middle-aged mom IRL.
Dream Job: Guy Fieri Impersonator
3 Favorite Things: Bad puns, rain, Harry Potter
3 Least Favorite Things: Gluten-free bread, chem lab, when trails get paved over
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… in Florence atm. but typically in Paneradise. Chips apple or bread y’all?
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? Is it sassy to cry when inconvenienced?

Erica Ranosa

Erica 2

AKA: Airwrecka
Position: Choreographer!
Major: Biology and Pre-Med
Hometown: Cebu City, Philippines
Voice Part: Alto 2
Solo: House of the Rising Sun (trio)
Superlative: Mostly Likely to Obnoxiously Laugh at Anything
Guilty Pleasure: Looking at memes or binging Netflix shows until 4am
Dream Job: Doctors without Borders
Solo: Rachel!!!
3 Favorite Things: Corgis, Beyoncé, Ferrero Rocher
3 Least Favorite Things: Unnecessary negativity, broken nails, morning classes
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… In my bed, in the library, or out twerking somewhere
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? “Oh no baby what is you doin?????”


Molly Hansen

Molly 2

AKA: Mar
Position: Singer
Major: Communications
Hometown: Matthews, NC
Voice Part: Soprano 1
Superlative: Mostly Likely to Overcompensate
Cadence Wife: Maddie!
Dream Job: T.V. Writer
Guilty Pleasure: Eating chocolate chips out of the bag
3 Favorite Things: Cats, bread, whimsical socks
3 Least Favorite Things: Cleaning, spending money, being told to “tone it down”
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… chilling with my suite mates, probably eating food
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? Depends on how much sleep I’ve gotten, but I average at a solid 7.5

Isabel Hewgley

Izzy 2

AKA: Izzy
Major: Media and Journalism
Position: Singer
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Voice Part:  Sop 2
Superlative: Most Likely to Have a Good Day
Cadence Wife: Amanda Pahl
Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate
Dream Job: Pro adventurer
3 Favorite Things: Enoing, shopping with mom, good food
3 Least Favorite Things: Last minute changes of plans, mean people, mayonnaise 
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… hanging with my friends or watching Netflix
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? 4

Amanda Pahl

Amanda 1

AKA: The short one
Position: Social & Alumni Outreach Chair
Major: Psychology (B.S.), Minor in Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Voice Part: Soprano 2
Solo: End of Time, I’d Rather Go Blind
Superlative: Highest Ponytail
Cadence Wife: Izzyyyyy
Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor, soda (so bad I know) and my wife Isabel
Dream Job: Sex and Relationship Therapist
3 Favorite Things: Sunflower seeds, nice jeans and my essential oils
3 Least Favorite Things: Wasabi, sweating, the color orange
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… procrastinating
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? a solid 7


Noodle (n): a new-doodle; a new member of Cadence. Say hello to our newest ladies!


Caroline Styers


Caroline 1


AKA: Caro
Position: Noodle!
Major: Psychology major with minors in chemistry and neuroscience
Hometown: Gastonia, NC
Voice Part: Soprano
Solo: Praying
Superlative: Most Likely To Hold The Door For You Even If You’re Awkwardly Far Away
Guilty Pleasure: Eating a whole cake in one sitting while binging Netflix
Dream Job: Trauma Surgeon
3 Favorite Things: Rainy days, sleep, good books
3 Least Favorite Things: Rude people, sweating, spicy foods
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… studying, volunteering as an EMT or sleeping
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? My sass has yet to develop so I’d rate myself at a 2.45 as of right now.

Maddie Dyson


Maddie 1

AKA: The tall one
Position: Noodle!
Major: Biomedical engineering
Hometown: High Point, NC
Voice Part: Alto
Solo: Edge of Seventeen
Superlative: Most Likely to Make a Bad Pun that Everyone Pretends to Laugh At
Cadence Wife: Molly!
Guilty Pleasure: German chocolate
Dream Job: Pediatric prosthetist
3 Favorite Things: Vine compilations, UNC basketball, and cheese
3 Least Favorite Things: High heels, dook and slow walkers
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… pretending to do yoga, sprinting across campus, 3D printing in the Makerspace or procrastinating in the Union
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? According to a Buzzfeed quiz, I’m sitting at around a 9.