Isabel Hewgley


AKA: Izzy
Major: Media and Journalism
Position: Singer
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Voice Part:  Sop 2
Solo: Praying, House of the Rising Sun (trio)
Superlative: Most Likely to Have a Good Day
Cadence Wife: Amanda Pahl
Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate
Dream Job: Pro adventurer
3 Favorite Things: Enoing, shopping with mom, good food
3 Least Favorite Things: Last minute changes of plans, mean people, mayonnaise 
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… hanging with my friends or watching Netflix
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? 4

Amanda Pahl


AKA: Mandy
Position: Music Director
Major: Communications, Minor in Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Voice Part: Soprano 2
Solo: Woman Like Me, Praying, I’d Rather Go Blind, End of Time
Superlative: Highest Ponytail
Cadence Wife: Izzyyyyy
Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor, soda (so bad I know) and my wife Isabel
Dream Job: Sex and Relationship Therapist
3 Favorite Things: Sunflower seeds, nice leggings and coffee 
3 Least Favorite Things: Wasabi, sweating, the color orange
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… procrastinating
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? a solid 7

Maddie Dyson


AKA: The tall one
Position: Publicity Chair
Major: Biomedical Engineering
Hometown: High Point, NC
Voice Part: Alto
Solo: Don’t Stop Me Now, Edge of Seventeen
Superlative: Most Likely to Make a Bad Pun that Everyone Pretends to Laugh At
Cadence Wife: Molly!
Guilty Pleasure: German chocolate
Dream Job: Pediatric prosthetist
3 Favorite Things: UNC basketball, my dog, and cheese
3 Least Favorite Things: High heels, dook, and slow walkers
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… in the basement of Phillips or the Makerspace
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? According to a Buzzfeed quiz, I’m sitting at around a 4.

Amy Brubaker


AKA: Ames
Position: Vice President and Treasurer
Major: Human Development and Family Studies & Religion
Hometown: Greensboro, NC
Voice Part: Soprano
Solo: Skyscraper, You and I
Superlative: Most likely to tell a dad joke
Cadence Wife: Kristi
Dream Job: Speech Pathologist
Guilty Pleasure: Watching vine compilations
3 Favorite Things: Lake days, playing guitar, running
3 Least Favorite Things: Uhh Dook, the sound of nail files, studying
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… at any and all UNC sporting events
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? Kim Kardashian


Yolanda Simpson


AKA: Yoyo!
Major: Neuroscience and Biochemistry
Position: Singer
Hometown: Hillsborough, NC
Voice Part:  Alto
Solo: Woman Like MeI Won’t Give Up (trio)
Superlative: Most likely to fall asleep at 2 p.m.
Cadence Wife: Roslyn
Guilty Pleasure: eating rainbow sherbet
Dream Job: Ask me in 2 years please
3 Favorite Things: Singing (obviously), playing basketball, watching Naked and Afraid
3 Least Favorite Things: Not sleeping, homework, 8ams
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… Procrastinating my homework
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? Definitely purple

Kristi Lescinski


AKA: Krusti (I hope this one doesn’t stick)
Position: Singer
Major: Political Science
Hometown: Hillsborough, NC
Voice Part: Soprano 2
Solo: I Won’t Give Up
Superlative: Most Likely to bring up Broadway when not at all applicable
Cadence Wife: Amy
Guilty PleasureAnything Friends or Gilmore Girls related
Dream Job: Lawyer/Broadway star
3 Favorite Things: Guitars, rivers, and The Sound of Music
3 Least Favorite Things: Rainy days, spending money, people who are rude and don’t know it
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… humming to my music as I walk across campus, cramming in the UL, eating Chick-fil-A
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? I won’t start it, but i’ll end it.

Roslyn Reynoso


AKA: Ros
Position: Business Manager
Major: Neuroscience (don’t think I am that smart), Minor in Health and Society
Hometown: Cary, NC
Voice Part: Alto 2
Solo: Good Kisser
Superlative: Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket
Cadence Wife: Yolanda
Guilty PleasureStealing a handful of mints at restaurants
Dream Job: Living like the Kardashians
3 Favorite Things: Iced coffee, vine compilations, zumba
3 Least Favorite Things: Arrogant people, kiwis, people who sniff throughout the entire exam
When I’m not at rehearsal, you’ll find me… at the fake Starbucks in the Student Stores
On a scale from 1 to Cadence, how sassy are you? “Oh, am I wearing an ascot? I didn’t notice.” – Tom Haverford