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“The Way I Do” Zoom Music Video, CHECK IT OUT NOW.
“Lady Marmalade” MUSIC VIDEO

We are SO excited to announce that two of our singles, Survivor and Pretty Hurts, are now available on Spotify and iTunes! Listen away, and thank you for your support. Additionally, our first full-length album, Double Take, is now available for purchase! This will join ranks with our previously released EP, Brank New Behavior. We have spent over two years in the creation of these albums—special thanks to The Vocal Company for helping us create such an amazing project! You can order your copy of the CDs below.
Purchase our albums here!

Double Take LP
$10.00 USD

Brand New Behavior EP
$5.00 USD

Check out all our videos on YouTube at UNCCadenceAcappella! Here are our covers of Delta Rae’s Bottom of the River and Justin Timberlake’s What Goes Around (Comes Around). 

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